Ship Maintenance & spare parts Supply  

DPS Marine Group specializes in the repair of all possible inland vessels, seagoing vessels, work ships, pusher boats and tugboats and fishing vessels. We supply services for classification, damage repair, modifications, preventive maintenance and (sale) inspections. DPS Marine Group repairs all possible damage to engines and other systems. Likewise, we carry out metalwork to repair damage to the hull, surface, bilges, bow, etc.

Our Major activities:

- Major overhauling of all types of alternators
- Major overhauling of all types of high pressure compressor, purifiers
- Maintenance and troubleshooting of main and auxiliary engines
- Maintenance and troubleshooting of hydraulic systems
- Maintenance and troubleshooting of refrigeration and air conditioning plant
- Maintenance and troubleshooting of all pumps include of centrifugal pump, gear pump, air pump, screw pump
- Rewinding and wiring maintenance of electromotor, main switchboard and high voltage cable
- Navigation and radio equipment maintenance
- All services about designing and maintenance of fire detection system and installation of CCTV