Ship Supply

General Supplies

BAHR ALJENOUB SHIPPING L.L.C Supply is your one-stop-resource for all your stores and provisions. We provide anything from a specific brand of coffee to a vital ball bearing for the machine room BAHR ALJENOUB SHIPPING L.L.C Supply also ensure all-round support and ship services for your vessels in ports of U.A.E. This service can include technical and warranty inspection, repair, conversion, docking, etc.

Offshore Service

BAHR ALJENOUB SHIPPING L.L.C Supply is the right contact whether your demand is for a small simple item or the most complex queries. We will offer you the optimum technical and economical solution. We know the importance of correct and fast delivery and we always ensure you the best possible prices and the great opportunity of ordering from different makers at one place to suit the budget of all operators, managers and owners.